Monday, November 5, 2012

The World's First e-ESL Book! Seriously!

I have a very exciting announcement to make. The amazing writing team of Jonathan Ellis and Georgina Young-Ellis, through LTB Productions, has just released the world's first book for students of English as a Second Language written specifically to be used with an electronic reader (Kindle, Ipad, smart phone, PC, Mac, etc.) It's called Making English Your Second Language and it's for sale on Amazon for only $4.99. Can you believe it? A chance for English learners to  download an ESL book directly onto their electronic device or computer! Students can practice reading and vocabulary by clicking on words and getting instant definitions, practice listening to fascinating stories with immediate audio links, review their grammar with fun lessons and exercises, and get writing practice using interesting, current topics.

Teachers can also use the book in the classroom! Just think, students won't have to purchase expensive, heavy books, and educators won't have to worry about about materials getting ruined, marked up, or lost. In a group atmosphere, the writing topics instantly become energetic conversation topics.

Making English Your Second Language brings English learning into the 21st century. If you know anyone who might benefit from this book, please pass on the link, or check it out yourself to see how it might be useful to you or an organization you know of. Remember, it's best used by intermediate to advanced English learners.

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