Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why Did I Write It?

Why did I write The Time Baroness, my first novel, "a romantic, time-travel adventure set in Jane Austen's England?" (please excuse the blurb) Because, like any nerd-girl, I don't want to just read Jane Austen, I want to experience her world. I want to go there and be a part of it all. But how can I do that? There's only so many times I can watch each and every movie, both BBC and Hollywood made, of each and every novel, even though there's essentially no limit to how many times I can read each and every novel.

Yet it still wasn't enough. So I wrote a story in which the main character is loosely based on me, albeit a much more beautiful and talented version of me, and in which she does all the things I would do if I could: time travel to Jane Austen's time in the guise of a wealthy and independent woman, set up house in a lovely mansion in the countryside of Hampshire, get to know the neighbors, spend my time playing beautiful music on the piano because of course in this reality I'm a virtuoso, accidentally run into a hot violinist, have a wild affair, and just when I think everything is just perfect, bang! something happens to send me into a spin and takes me on a wild adventure.

Even though the four-year process of writing this book and working with an editor to make it as perfect as it could be was a painstaking process, it was a joy, nevertheless. It was my fantasy come true and I would live in it all the time if it were possible to do so. But since I can't, I hope my readers will have fun living there for awhile. So now I'll shamelessly post a link to my website where you all can read an excerpt or click on the link to buy it for the minuscule amount of .99 cents, as well as the Amazon link (sorry, it's only in e-book form).

Let the nerd-a-thon begin!


  1. i confess, i am a sexy nerd-girl! loved the book. hurry up with that screenplay, gf.

  2. You sure are! I'm hurrying! I'm hurrying!