Friday, February 16, 2018


Comment below to be entered in the giveaway, Just say "Hi" and your name in the comments if you want, but PLEASE! include your name so I can find you on Facebook.
The first name chosen at random from the comments below will win an e-book copy of the first book in my time travel series, The Time Baroness, a romantic, time travel adventure set in Jane Austen's England AND an audiobook version of Darcy's Awakening, a Pride and Prejudice variation in which Mr. Darcy is already engaged to someone else when he meets Elizabeth Bennet, PLUS a Time Traveler pin and an Austen Rocks pin.

The second two names chosen at random will win the audiobookversion of Darcy's Awakening, plus the pins.

And the fourth name will win the two pins.

The Time Baroness will be sent as an e-gift from Amazon, and Darcy's Awakening will be sent as a promo code from Audible so an email address will need to be provided by private message. The pins will be sent by mail so a physical address will need to be provided also by private message.

I will notify the winner through FB, so it might be helpful to friend me if you haven't already.

Good luck, everyone!


  1. Austen rocks; and so do you Georgina!

  2. Now that I'm back from traveling from linking blogs want to say this is an interesting site. Need to check out your time travel series.

  3. Michelle Dudding, I love Jane Austen novels and movies. As well tv shows of her books. Hope to win I would love to read your time travel series.

    1. Michelle, you are the 2nd prize winner of the giveaway! I'm not sure if I've found you on FB or not. Is this you?
      At any rate, if you could message me on FB your email address and physical address, I'll send you the promo code to the audio book of Darcy's Awakening, and the two pins!

  4. hi! Thanks for the chance! Love Austen. Rhi O'leary

  5. Hi! Thanks for the chance!
    Linda romer

  6. Pride and Prejudice remains as one of my favorite books for all time. I love reading variation of the story.

  7. Congrats to the winners of the giveaway! 1st prize Linda Romer, 2nd prize Michelle Dudding, 3rd prize Rhi O'Leary, and 4th prize Paula Shene. Thanks for entering everyone!

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