Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A New Release and a Chance to Vote for Your Favorite Cover Picture

Which of these pictures do you like best for the cover of The Time Contessa? Please comment and let me know.

I'm so excited, I just released a new, revised version of The Time Baroness! This is my first baby, and I've always loved it, of course. But, after getting a second book under my belt, and being on the verge of releasing a third, I felt that I'd grown as a writer, and that it was time to go back in and see where The Time Baroness could be tightened up and improved. Sure enough, I did find some spots that needed cutting, tweaking, re-wording, or changing altogether. I feel I've added another level that will probably be subtle to those who've read it before, but I hope will provide a more satisfying read to those delving in for the first time. I also changed the ending just slightly - I think it's juuuust right! It's still not a traditional romance, so be forewarned. But isn't that refreshing? The Time Baroness combines a little sci/fi, a little fantasy, a little history, and a little sex, with romance, danger and adventure. I think it's unique...really, gender-defying.

I hope you will really enjoy it. If you do, please check out the second in the series, The Time Heiress (both available along the side of this blog). And then, keep an eye out for the third in the series, The Time Contessa, and please take a moment to vote for the picture you think would make the best cover!

Just to wrap up: In The Time Baroness, my heroine, Cassandra, travels to Jane Austen's England, in The Time Heiress, she goes to pre-Civil War New York City, and in The Time Contessa, she'll be traveling to Renaissance Italy. There's romance, adventure, danger and some steamy moments in all three! Come on the journey with me!




  1. I have read the first two books and loved them! I vote for #1 for the 3rd -- please please please!

    I am glad you are asking us to vote as I think the cover for Time Baroness is a little odd. At first glance she looks like a malevolent dwarf!

    Here, #3 is washed out (not just due to its being in b&w) -- it just doesn't "say" anything. And #4 has some of the same look of malevolence although in this case I think it's just due to the artist.

    #2 is lavish but the reader may wonder if the man has a role. What's that rule about if you have a revolver on the mantleshelf in Act I you have to use it by Act IV? Of course he could be just a servant. However, she looks a bit uncertain, even scared.

    Meanwhile #1 is alone, no distractions, and GORGEOUS, with that amused, thoughtful, sexy smile. Perfect simplicity. So, the perfect choice!

  2. Thanks for the vote and the comments, Margaret, I'll really take them to heart! I think I agree with you about #1 anyway :)