Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Hate The Hunger Games! (Or Do I?)

I said I wouldn't read The Hunger Games. But I did. I wanted to hate it. But I couldn't. After Chapter One, I was hooked. By Chapter Two, I was jealous. By halfway through the book I realized I simultaneously loved and hated author Suzanne Collins. I loved her because of her gift for cracker-jack pacing and great characters. I wasn't fond of the world she created because I wouldn't want to live there. Who would? It ain't no Hogwarts. But I loved her brave and beautiful Katniss, faithful Peeta, little Rue, the flawed Haymitch...I was dying to see what happened to them next. Still, I hated Suzanne Collins because she did it all so well. Yes, I admit I was envious, and, at the same time, I really, really admired her.

By the end of the book I was obsessed. I haven't given in to seeing the movie version; I want my own imagination to serve. Yet I went online to find pictures and became fascinated by how the characters looked, come to life on screen. I'll probably give in and see it after all. I haven't read the other two books in the series, but I will. And then found  myself wondering, who is Suzanne Collins? Is she an upstart like J.K. Rowling? I've heard she's a housewife. Is she like Stephanie Meyer? Did the story come to her in a dream? I don't even have the gumption to google and find out. That's how jealous I am. Yeah, I've been told I'm a good writer; I create good characters and story lines, and my books sell just fine. After all, who doesn't like time-travel? Still, envy rears its ugly head and makes me almost want to say that I hate The Hunger Games! Don't read it! It's just more popular fiction for teens! But it's not merely that. It's a well written, superbly crafted book. It's a story that yanks you in and doesn't let up until the last moment. And though I swore I wouldn't say this to anyone...I highly recommend it.


  1. I havn't got the chance to watch Hunger Games yet. But I hear its an American remake of the Japanese movie, Battle Royale.

  2. Suzanne Collins has been writing edgy fiction for Middle Grades and Young Adults for some time. My oldest grandson got me to read her GREGOR THE OVERLANDER and my next-youngest grandson got me to read HUNGER GAMES. Good stuff.

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  3. I stumbled into Hunger games on accident three years ago, or I'm sure I'd have written them off. It's weird, but I often find myself assuming that a books popularity is inversely related to its quality. It's a prejudice that's almost robed me of some terrific novels.

  4. I just rewatched my Blu-ray copy of THE HUNGER GAMES today. I can't wait to see the next movie! (Such a long wait!) After reading all three books (I just HAD to find out what happened to the main characters in the end) I am curious to see how they'll show all the intense action that goes on in CATCHING FIRE and MOCKINGJAY. When I read those books, I could NOT put them down. Reading them turned out to become ALL-NIGHTERS for me!