Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vampires in Portland?

Tom Cruise as Lestat de Lioncourt and Brad Pitt as Louis
de Pointe de Lac in Interview With a Vampire
Forget Transylvania, or even Forks, Washington (location of Twilight for all of you uniformed). If I were a vampire, Portland, Oregon would certainly be my city of choice. Like Forks, and probably Transylvania, it rains a lot, there's very little sunshine, lots of clouds and fog, and plenty of green forested areas in which to lurk. As a matter of fact, while I'm here on the 3rd stop of my family-visit sojourn, I'm staying at my brother's house in a suburb just outside of Portland; even here, in this neatly manicured corner of the world, you can find a bit of forest here, a stand of pines there. One minute you're at a mini-mall, the next you're driving under a canopy of ancient firs eerie enough even for Sookie and Bill (of True Blood - come on, people, get with it!)

Oh, but Portland isn't all burb-claves and big box stores - far from it. Get out of the suburbs and into Portland proper and there are hillsides of cottage-y homes and winding streets, so green, so lush with vegetation that I was pretty sure I saw a werewolf the other night as I was leaving my aunt's house. And old Portland, what I think is referred to as the Hawthorne District, is all vintage clothing stores, tattoo parlors, pubs, and old, old houses, shrouded in shrubbery. Such hip-looking people slouch about that area, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Lestat de Lioncourt sipping an espresso in some neighborhood boÎte. Portland is cool. Portland is creepy. Someone oughta write a series about it.


  1. : ) Portland is about as awesome as you say! Have you watched that little mini-series Portlandia? It is so true that it brings tears of laughter to my eyes. I just love it here.

  2. OMG, Portlandia is so funny! But only to those who know Portland. I'm sure the better you know it, the funnier it is. But seriously, it's a great city - I'm falling in love with it.

  3. Okay... you both have me interested in Portlandia now. :) I have a friend who used to live there. Her photos of the homestead are just awesome. It is on my list... especially if vampires can be found lurking in the woods.

  4. ...yeah, right! Vampires in Portland!...you must be imagining things...*wipes the blood from his fangs and slips into the dark, green shadows*

  5. Challenge accepted! I will write a series about vampires in Portland. Don't be surprised if they're nothing but a bunch of pot smokers that feed off of willing people, though.